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Hyped And Fit

Our Hyped And Fit classes are our highest energy & cardio intensive dance classes. Styles include Latin Hype (similar to Zumba), WERQ (hip hop/pop) and Party Hip Hop. These classes will leave you hyped up with that adrenaline rush that keeps you amped for the rest of your day!

Free And Fit

Our Free And Fit classes are our unique dance classes that are designed to leave you feeling inspired, uplifted. and free. Styles include Soul Sweat and Awaken the Dance. These classes have a large component of meditation and wellness weaved into the dance, you will surely come out of class inspired to meet your day with a new perspective.

Strong And Fit

Our Strong And Fit classes are one-of-a-kind dance strength building and toning classes. Including BOLD toning and BOLD Booty, they're built by dancers and for dancers and are choreographed to music so it still feels like you're dancing! Have a blast, while strengthening, lengthening & toning.

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