New Releases: October 2020

New Releases: October 2020

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New Releases: October 2020

4 Videos

  • Wold Dance Fitness with Ashley - Burnt Toast

    In June of 2019, Ashley tore her ACL and is still recovering from a long hiatus. In this class, she brings back her old favorites from pre-injury for a fun, nostalgic, silly, and high energy class. The name of the class came from the fact that the morning of, she was rushing to make her playlist,...

  • BOLD Toning with Ashley - Arms & Core September 29 2020

    BOLD Toning is a high intensity, challenging but fabulously fun dance strengthening class. It is a full body workout that uses a combination of the “3Bs”: Bands, Bandanas and Body weight to help you strengthen and tone. It is designed for those of us who love to groove and have made dance a part ...

  • Soul Sweat with Maria - Enjoying the Body

    In this Soul Sweat class, Maria focuses on enjoying what it is to really be in the body with dance. She chose a lot of songs that really help her get into an earthy and groovy mood. She invites you to use this unique playlist to just drop into the rhythm and let go of anything your mind is latchi...

  • Soul Sweat with Jill - Strength and Courage

    Recorded during COVID restrictions and multiple fires along the front range in CO, Jill embraces the sadness and encourages you to continue to fight. We are built with strength and courage, it's important to continue remembering to support each other and embrace self love during these difficult t...