Dance for the Soul

Dance for the Soul

At Alchemy, we don't care why you dance. For many people, dance is a form of meditation, a way to get in touch with their mind and connect it to the body, a way to process and release everything we are dealing with on a daily basis.

In "Dance for the Soul," you'll find a collection of classes that are designed to help you process. They're designed to help you grieve, help you live in the moment, or find joy in the little things. No matter how you move or what moves you, you'll find comfort and joy here. Come as you are, we love the you that is you!

Dance for the Soul

4 Videos

  • Soul Sweat with Maria - Feeling Good

    In this Soul Sweat class, Maria focuses on feeling good in your body. In dance it is important to move in a way that feels great for you. She invites you to move in your own way, change up the moves, do what feels right for you.

  • Awaken the dance - Untaming

    Recorded during social isolation during COVID-19 closures, Hannah focuses our attention on processing our feelings during this time. There are so many ways in which we’ve had to be shut down throughout this. A change this large in our lives can cause big emotions to creep up. Some of those emotio...

  • Jill Soul Sweat - Radical Love and Empathy

    In this class, Jill recognizes that there's so much going on in the world right now. It's important to be intentional about how we show up for others and ourselves. She invites you to do so with radical love and empathy.

  • Body Scan with Hannah - Our Body's Wisdom

    Often times, we get so lost in our thoughts and in the business of our day, that we forget our body has all the wisdom we need to actually lead us through our movements. It's important to move through the day focusing from the body up, not just the head up. Body scans are a great way to reconnect...